Painting and photos for possible future paintings – Day 152

This morning I was back at the split rail fence. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing too much….working on individual strands of grass really…..but then I back up and take a look from a distance and I see the difference. And really, that’s the important thing! It’s my goal to have it completed in the next few days but that will depend on the weekend schedule. It’s looking like rain so we may end up spending it inside rather than in the garden which may mean more painting time.

I brought home my work camera today (a Canon Rebel) and took some pics in our backyard. I continue to be fascinated by nature…the colours, the shapes and the light. I need to be taking more photos as they may become paintings in the future.

This is the only poppy in my garden, a beautiful pink one. The petals remind me of crepe paper.


These flowers almost seem to glow. They’re a perennial and I can’t remember what they’re called. They remind me of little carnations.


These are in our beautiful huge planters.


Peonies ready to bloom.


And Boo found some catnip which has made him very, very happy!