Some good news! on Day 148

Today I spent considerable time on the split rail fence. It wasn’t a block of time….I painted for a while and then did a household chore, then got back to it. I got a lot accomplished in short bursts – all the purple flowers are done! I still have to deal with the background grass around them in the middle but that shouldn’t take too long (famous last words).

I also heard back from Sandy MacKenzie Goguen, the instructor of the ‘Painting with a Palette Knife” course that was cancelled for June 2. She teaches the course out of her studio in Oshawa so I’ve arranged to learn this technique next Sunday, June 3rd. I’m very excited to learn something new! I need to pull out a couple of landscape photos that I want to paint and get some supplies. Oshawa is only 40 minutes away so it isn’t that far. The course runs from 10am – 4pm and hopefully I’ll be able to complete two paintings in that time.

Here’s a photo of the split rail fence….it’s moving along!


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