Disappointment on Day 145

Today I received a call from The Lindsay Gallery about the class I signed up for on June 2 – Painting with a Palette Knife with Sandy MacKenzie Goguen. Unfortunately, the call was to say the class was cancelled due to a lack of registration. Turns out that I was the only one who registered!

I was so disappointed! I was looking forward to learning a new technique in a new medium (this was acrylic rather than oil) and I had planned a trip to the art supply store this weekend to get the right supplies for the class. It’s a good thing I didn’t make the trip!

I did send an email to the instructor to see if she teaches this course in another town or provides personal instruction. I really want to pursue this opportunity.

I will share a very positive, and cute, moment of my day when I caught our cat Boo sitting in the forget-me-nots. It gave me a much-needed smile!


One thought on “Disappointment on Day 145

  1. emjayzed

    Bugger! I hate it when that happens. I’ll bet another opportunity pops up soon tho – life’s like that.

    I love your Boo pic – it cheered me up too 🙂

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