Trying to hush that voice in my head – Day 143

This morning as I was working on the split rail fence that negative little voice in my head came back, and it said, ‘you’re never going to get this painting done’. I shushed it and kept working. Then it said, ‘there’s so much detail you are never going to get this done. You’ve been working on it FOREVER!’.

So I took a bit of a break and made another cup of tea. I turned around and looked at the painting from a distance and realized that I’d just been way too close to it for too long. It looks pretty darn good!

I started working on it again and forced myself to just concentrate on the little bit in front of me. When my eyes wanted to wander to the area I hadn’t done yet I just forced myself focus in on the area I was working on. The voice tried it again and I refused to even acknowledge it was there. I felt a little like the kid who puts his hands over his ears and shouts la la la la la la so he can’t hear anything!

I know I’m my own worst critic and although sometimes that makes me strive to be better, sometimes it’s just a royal pain in the butt. I want to enjoy painting and not worry so much about when it’s going to completed or whether it’s going to be good enough.

Perhaps at the end of my 365 days of drawing or painting I’ll be closer to doing that!

Here’s a close up of the flowers I’ve been working on. The lighter area in the middle is the section that I haven’t done a second layer of painting on yet.


11 thoughts on “Trying to hush that voice in my head – Day 143

  1. MoniqueE.

    It’s beautiful. Don’t listen to that evil voice. Art takes time and patience. If you make prints of this one I’m interested!

  2. Sophy

    I’m also too familiar with those types of voices. Sometimes they make me want to stop doing what I’m doing and never lift another brush. But as the others say, you shouldn’t listen to them. You’re well on your way to perfect this painting, it looks fantastic!

  3. Bruce Stonehouse

    Goal Setting and Review: rather than setting the lense on ” completing this painting” entertain a different process. For instance; my goal is: create a work of art using lavish colors etc while sharpening and tempering my skills in the process. In other words being mindful of positive thoughts as opposed to negetive as well as recalling your original vision.
    It looks like your work is moving in the direction of viewer appeal.

  4. emjayzed

    Oh I hear you! I’ve actually stopped working in my current project for a few weeks as it simply got “too hard” and was taking too long – I got bored! (mine has nowhere near te complexity or detail of yours either! I’m a wuss!) I plan to resume tomorrow now that I’ve had my mini “hissy fit”!

    I think your painting is stunning, the detail is amazing and well worth the effort. Keep at it 🙂

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy your project when you get back to it as well. If I wasn’t on a deadline with this one I would put it away but I don’t have that option if I want it done for the juried show. So I keep plugging away!

      1. emjayzed

        Ah deadlines – I had a self imposed deadline but I’ve missed that! hehe – I’ll catch up. I feel I need to complete it before moving on to the next thing so I shall.

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