A lazy holiday Monday – Day 142

It was another beautiful summer day in Ontario! This is certainly not like past holiday weekends (we observe Victoria Day – the Queen’s birthday today) when it has been cold and wet. Today was sunny and 28C and absolutely gorgeous!

I spent the morning out in the gardens again. I edged and weeded three gardens in the front yard, split and transplanted some perennials and got everything watered. They’re calling for rain tomorrow which would be welcome, it’s been so dry.

I downloaded a new book to my iPad and I’ve been engrossed in it for most of the afternoon. I settled myself on the love seat on the deck under the umbrella and enjoyed the heat and the beautiful breeze. It was truly heavenly!

This evening I did some more drawing on the fall scene on canvas and it’s almost complete. I’m not sure how much detail to draw on it and how much to do when I get to the painting stage. Bottom line is I have to put the detail in sometime…..better now I suppose.

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend and got to enjoy some beautiful weather as well!

This is the an iPad drawing of the fall scene (for those who may have forgotten):


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