New week, new colours, new outlook – Day 135

This morning I mixed new paints for the split rail fence and they’re colourful! The last few times I only mixed the browns for the fence and greens for the grass. Today I mixed up the purple and pink for the flowers, yellow and brown and red for the other plant life along with the usual green tones for the grass and a bit of brown for fence touch up if required. Gosh, how I’ve missed colour!

The blue smear at the bottom of the palette was a bit of a mistake. I put the blue I had left over there and immediately ended up with it on my sleeve! I scraped it off and got rid of it before I ruined another top. And I’m usually so neat when I paint!

Because I mixed the paints this morning I didn’t have much time to actually put much on the canvas so when I got home from work I got back at it. I’ve decided for a slightly different tone for the flowers – they’re going to more purple than blue. You can’t really tell from the photo but they will stand out much more with the deeper colour.

I’ve decided that I’m going to finish this painting before I move on to another project, even though I’ve been thinking a lot of something big and bold. That painting will be my reward for sticking with this….and my motivation to keep going!


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