A busy day 133

Today was a busy Saturday. This morning John and I did the rounds to get top soil on sale at Canadian Tire, petunias on sale at Garry’s Garden Gallery, and Triple Mix on sale at TSC Store. Gotta love the flyers and spring sales!

We picked up John’s parents, Wendy and John, and took them to Bobcaygeon to look at a kitten. They lost their cat, Tish 2, last fall and have been debating about getting another cat ever since. Wendy found a little gray kitten online through the Humane Society and it was in Bobcaygeon so we went to take a look (all their cats have been gray). We went into the store and she fell in love right away. He’s a sweet little thing – only two months old – so we got her the kitten for Mother’s Day. He is a darling and they named him Tish Trois (since he’s the third one) but John and I have been calling him Mr. T. He’s just too cute 🙂 I think they’ll have their hands full with him!

We spent the afternoon gardening and John got some new fish for the pond. He got 2 koi – one butterfly koi and one American koi – and four feeder goldfish. They are all very happy in their new home along with 3 new pond plants and a daylily that we plunked in as well (we were told it does well in water).

I did a quick sketch of our pond in Art Rage….after a hard lemonade or two. It is the weekend, after all!