Start something new? Or finish what I’ve started? Day 131

Again I worked on the split rail fence early this morning. I’m sure you’re getting tired of reading that because I’m sure getting tired of typing it!

My migraine cleared this afternoon (thank goodness) and since it did I’ve had the urge to start a new painting. Something big and bold – big brush strokes, lots of impact and very little detail. The complete opposite of the fence really.

After that urge hit, the battle began in my head – I shouldn’t start something new while I have so many things unfinished. Now I’m not the type of person who has to complete one thing before starting another, something that has driven people around me crazy for years. However, I do try to keep my unfinished projects to a reasonable level.

Here’s what I currently have on the go (besides the fence):

The portrait that I can’t show you – it’s a commission and a surprise for someone. I’m halfway through the first layer of paint on it. I put it aside to work on the fence since I plan to submit that to the Lindsay Gallery Juried Show in June. There is no deadline for this commission.

Trilliums – this is a big canvas – 24″ x 36″ and I’ve been picking away at the drawing here and there.


Fall scene – this is a small canvas – 12″ x 12″ and is a pretty detailed landscape. Obviously, this is still in the drawing stage too.


There is quite a bit of work ahead of me with these projects but I’ve noticed they are all fairly detailed. Perhaps it’s time to shake things up with something completely different. If I come up with a good concept I may put all of them on hold and start the big and bold painting after all!

What about you? Do you have a lot of projects on the go? How do you decide it’s time to start something new?

2 thoughts on “Start something new? Or finish what I’ve started? Day 131

  1. mye1212

    When I was quilting I had innumerable projects started and few finished. Now, with my drawings, I finish one before starting another as a general rule, but this week I will be starting a second drawing and working on two simultaeneously. I get a feeling of accomplishment from finishing a project and when I have too much unfinished I flounder and I don’t feel empowered. My art is all about the feeling of being empowered.

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