Back to the iPad for a change – Day 129

Today I decided to do something completely different. I’ve been on Google+ for a while now although I admit I don’t go there very often. Since they haven’t bothered to come up with an iPad app it’s been a bit of a pain to go there. Yesterday I found the iShare+ app which has made accessing my Google+ stream so much better!

I’ve had artist and teacher Daniel Ibanez in my circles for a while but it wasn’t until I checked out his stream this morning that I found he uses Google+ hangouts to offer a Digital Painting 101 class. I looked at some of the videos and then I decided to try one of the homework assignments. It’s done using Art Rage on my iPad and I use my finger, not a brush.

The instructions were fairly simple (these are paraphrased from Daniel’s post):
Outline the basic shape and don’t fuss too much. Block in the values – start with the darks, then the mid-tones and then the highlights. Define the edges – is it hard, soft or lost? Refine.

Here is the reference photo:

Here is my digital painting:

It was interesting to play with the different tools – oil painting brush, airbrush, pencil, technical pen. Everything has different properties and is used for a different purpose. I spent a lot of time fiddling to see what gave the best effect. I’m pleased with it and I’ve learned a lot…which was the idea!