Productive morning, lazy afternoon – Day 127

I slept in a bit this morning (until 7) but once I was up I was back to painting the split rail fence. I worked on the trees in the top right hand corner since I needed a bit of a change from the detail in the grass. I figured bigger blotches of colour would be faster to complete but it didn’t quite work out that way. Again, I’m struggling with how much detail to put in – do I need more or less? I’m out of my comfort zone with this painting as I haven’t done anything like this one. Every day is a new adventure!


I did the usual Sunday chores this morning – dishes, cleaning, groceries – and then I took the cat out to the back yard and we puttered around. I’ve been reluctant to let our cat Boo out on his own as we lost our last two cats to a predator in the area. We have a harness and leash for him which he doesn’t mind, but he does manage to get tangled up pretty quickly. We’ve graduated to letting him out without it into the backyard. He seems to know his boundaries and doesn’t wander too far, unless he’s chasing a butterfly or bug. He’s quick to come back when we herd him back to the main yard though. So far, so good on that count.

This afternoon I settled in to one of the big chairs on the deck with my book and just enjoyed the beautiful day. Ahhhhhh.

3 thoughts on “Productive morning, lazy afternoon – Day 127

  1. yz art gallery

    Amy, I think it looks amazingly real!! Gorgeous! Even tiny-tiny yellow flowers in front… I wanted to ask for awhile: what happened to the portrait painting. Did I miss the post?

    1. bstonehouse

      I’ve put the portrait on hold to get this one done for the juried show in June! It’s still in progress – I’m hoping to get back to it soon!

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