Working around the pond – Day 126

It’s been another beautiful day! Sunny and warm…another great day to work outside. Today we worked on the little pond in our backyard. We put it in a couple of years ago and we really enjoy it.

The first year we put some goldfish in and they made out alright but they didn’t make it through the winter. Last year we had two koi – Bill and Ted – and although they were a bit skittish they were fun to watch. We kept them alive over the winter and then they just disappeared this spring. Something must’ve eaten them as there was no sign of them anywhere but we have no idea what could’ve gotten them. Another wildlife mystery!

Since we don’t have fish to worry about John took the opportunity to empty the pond completely and clean it out. Last year we ended up with a lot of green hair-like algae on the sides so he let that dry and then brushed it off and vacuumed it up with the shop vac. Then he filled the pond with the water from our rain barrel.

I worked on the garden around the pond. I split up the creeping phlox (the purple flowers circling the pond) and moved some out to the front garden. I’ve also been picking little orange lily beetles off all our lilies…this is a summer long project! At least they’re easy to find since they’re bright orange.

We also rearranged the rocks above the little waterfall to better highlight the amethyst. My parents brought it for us from the amethyst mine in Thunder Bay years ago and I just love it. I think the purple of the flowers help bring out the purple in the amethyst. When it’s sunny out the light sparkles off of it so beautifully.

After all the outdoor work today I decided to do a bit a drawing on the fall scene I’m putting onto canvas for a painting. I’ve discovered that painting is better done in the morning and drawing at night when I’m more tired.

All in all, a very good day!




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