Working on the grass – Day 124

I’ve been working on the grass and flowers for the past couple of days and I’m struggling with how much detail to put in. Do I put in every blade of grass or do I find a way to interpret it without putting in so much detail? Look to the area on the left.


5 thoughts on “Working on the grass – Day 124

  1. ljr3

    I’d say from the pic it looks about right as is. Maybe a slight bit more detail in the front bit but not too much. It looks fantastic!

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you! I still need to add another layer of paint in the front and also bump up the colour in the flowers. It’s coming along!

  2. C. C. Charron

    I think it looks amazing! I like how it is. Your eyes are focused naturally to the fence while the lack of detail to the grass gives it a soft focus effect.

  3. weisserwatercolours

    I’m absolutely with C. C. Charron. The focus is the top rail just to the right of the prominent knothole. The grass to the bottom left seems just right. Personally speaking, when I look at paintings my eyes don’t want to be told everything–I like to be allowed to have some imagination left for myself. But that’s just me, maybe. It’s a wonderful picture done with grace and style.

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