Helping the police train tomorrow! Day 122

This morning I had to mix up some new paint before I tackled the trees and grass in the split rail fence. I realized I had mixed my green paint using mixing white and I really needed to use titanium white instead for its opacity. I did manage to get a small section of grass painted in before I had to go to work.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m helping out the Kawartha Lakes Police Service with training on their new breathalyzer machines – the Intoxilyzer 8000. I’ve been invited, along with members of the local media, to help.

I’m going to be picked up at home and taken to the police station where I will drink alcoholic beverages (in my case, white wine) for an hour – a maximum of 5 drinks. Then I will blow into the instrument as the breath techs take the reading. I will be tested throughout the afternoon and then dropped off at home at 4pm.

I will be tweeting about it at @BLStonehouse if you want to follow along. I expect the tweets will deteriorate pretty quickly as I get drinking!


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