Waiting for Wildflowers – Day 119

This morning I worked on the split rail fence for about an hour before my husband John woke up. Then we started our usual Saturday routine – out and about doing our errands. We stopped by my in-laws as well and helped to move some furniture they just bought.

This afternoon we worked outside in the yard. It was a beautiful day! Cool – a high of only 9C – but the sun was out and there wasn’t much wind. John overseeded the front lawn again and we worked at cleaning up our back yard.

We have quite a large backyard and it backs on to a farmers field. We have followed the lead of our neighbours and encroached a bit on the farmers land by sort of extending our yard back towards the field. We’ve been working on cleaning it out over the past few years and we’re finally making some good progress.

John (with the help of his parents) took a couple of loads of brush to the landfill (aka dump, or tip) yesterday that we had dumped back there when cleaning out other areas of our yard. Today we put down a bit of topsoil and threw down some wildflower seed. We used a bit of everything – annuals, perennials, drought-resistant, butterfly mix, hummingbird mix, low growing mix – we tossed everything together and spread it around. I’m excited to see what we’ll end up with!

Here’s the little ‘ridge’ out back where we planted the seed:


And here are our tulips from the front – I had to share because they are absolutely stunning. I love spring!


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