Changes at my day job – Day 118

Change is in the air. My boss at work has accepted another job and will be leaving in just over a month. He’s only been in the position for 10 months and we had an interim boss for a few months before him so it seems it’s just been one change after another.

Generally, I like change. Growing up we moved around quite a bit….it was tough but it also made me very flexible and adaptable. Every few years I tend to get “itchy feet” and the feeling it’s time to move on….either move to a new place, get a new job or change something else up in my life. I’ve been feeling a little itchy over the past couple of years but haven’t figured out quite what needs to change yet.

It seems that change is going to happen at work without my help, so I’m just going to wait and see where things end up. Through this I’m really glad I’ve gotten into the habit of painting and drawing each day…the creativity and routine of the practice really helps to keep me grounded!


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