Checking out some 3D Street Art – Day 116

I squeezed in another hour and a half of painting on the split rail fence this morning but I thought I’d spare you yet another photo!

I’ve always been fascinated by the 3D street art that I’ve seen photos of. I’ve never actually seen any in person unfortunately. I’m intrigued as to how it’s done and how artists work on a large scale to create something 3D on pavement.

I found this video of German street painting artist Edgar Muller from the “Festival of World Culture” in August 2008. It’s great to see how it was created but even more fun to see how people interact with it after it’s complete.

4 thoughts on “Checking out some 3D Street Art – Day 116

  1. mpmckibbon

    I love the reaction of the bystanders. They all did much the same things, pretending they were precariously perched on the small pieces of ice. Wonderful fun and incredible paintings.

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