Lots of decluttering and a bit of drawing – Day 112

It was a productive day around the house for my husband and I. We got rid of some furniture, made a trip to the landfill to get rid of years worth of paint cans at the household hazardous waste depot and dropped off a couple bags of clothes at the Salvation Army.

It feels really good to be cleaning things out and decluttering! Now that my boys are no longer living at home we’re reassessing our living space and changing things up so it fits the life we have now. It’s taking a while to decide what we need and what we don’t and to separate emotion from some things. Today I sent off a love seat that has been around since I was very young and I have to admit it was a little tough!

This evening I worked on the drawing for a painting of Port Sydney Falls in the autumn but it was slow going. I think I used the eraser more than the pencil!