I’ve decided on a course – Day 111

Way back on Day 29 I outlined some challenges for myself for this year. One of them was to take an art course for anything but oil painting and I’ve decided which one I’m going to take.

The Lindsay Gallery is offering a one day workshop on June 2 How to Paint with a Palette Knife. It’s being taught by Sandy MacKenzie Goguen of Oshawa and the course is designed for beginner or novice artists and the medium is acrylic.

The course outline says there will be time to complete two paintings in the day – how awesome will that be? Right now it takes me so long to complete an oil painting that I’m excited to learn a different technique and be able to work quickly.The last time I worked in acrylics was in college and I used a brush, not a palette knife so that will be new too.

I’m looking forward to it!


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