Wonky weather is wreaking havoc – Day 108

The weather in southern Ontario has been like a roller coaster lately. Yesterday it was 26C and today it only got up to 5C. We had some incredible winds yesterday as well, with gusts up to 95km/h. Luckily, nothing around our place was damaged but I’ve heard of trees and fences down and lawn furniture that ended up down the road. Today it almost felt like winter again. Sigh.

My head doesn’t like big changes in weather and I got hit with a migraine this afternoon. It’s a good thing I worked on the split rail fence painting this morning because I certainly wouldn’t be up to it tonight.

I made sure I watered the reseeded front lawn and I took some photos of the tulips that blooming in the garden. We just planted these ones last fall so this is the first year we’ve had bulbs in that garden. I love the colour.

Now it’s time for bed and hopefully when I get up this migraine will be gone!


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