Mixing it up – new paint that is! Day 107

Today it was time to mix new paint. I stumbled across a video by Becky Joy about her palette and how she stored her paint. She put it in plastic containers (as I do) but she stored hers in the freezer. I tried it and it works like a charm! Instead of keeping my paints for 3 or 4 days I can now keep it fresh for weeks.

Keeping the same paint is great because there is consistency in the colour and it gives me more time actually painting and less time mixing. Since my painting time is limited, this is a real bonus.

Since I was starting on the second layer of paint on the split rail fence I thought it was time to mix up some new paint.


You will notice I mixed the browns for the fence and the greens but no blue – there’s more than enough to paint in brown and green before I get back to those pesky blue flowers. I’ll mix those colours up when I get back to that section.

I’m often asked how I paint and really it depends on the day. Somedays I paint by colour – today I’ll just work on the green for example. Other days I decide to start in the top left corner and do a ‘block’ at a time, switching the colours as I go (a different brush for each colour). Generally I jump around a lot, I’ll do a bit of green over here and then the fence calls to me so I’ll load up a different brush with that colour and do a bit there. I guess it keeps me from getting bored!


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