Gardening and lawn work on Day 105

This morning I was up a little later than usual so I missed the sun coming up. It is Saturday after all! I did some more work on the split rail fence while I let my husband sleep in. I’m looking forward to having a few hours to work on it tomorrow.

Saturday is generally the day we do our running around and the chores around the house. In the spring it’s always great to get outside and start playing in the gardens and getting the lawn cleaned up. We spend the majority of our time in the summer outside in our ‘oasis’ so it’s nice to get a bit of a head start on things this spring.

My husband loves to cut the lawn, it’s his favourite thing. He’s already cut it twice this year and it’s only mid-April! Last fall we noticed the front lawn had some dead patches and it looked like something had been digging things up. Once the snow was gone it was obviously we had a problem. Through some research we figured out that we have grubs and that animals such as skunks or raccoons have been digging them up.

We decided to reseed the lawn, so that was today’s project. We put top soil down and then seeded and watered. Let’s hope this helps! I also had the chance to clean up some of the gardens and that feels good. There’s something so satisfying about weeding!

Here’s our reseeded front lawn:


This is the view of our backyard from the deck. We back on to a farmer’s field so it feels like we have a super big lot. Within the garden in the middle we have a little pond…we had two koi but something got them this spring. We’ll be getting a couple more to replace them once it gets warmer.


We have gardens down the whole side of our yard. The vegetable garden is behind the shed. I’m looking forward to picking out the seeds and plants for this year’s garden!


This is the view from the back of the yard to the deck. We expanded it a couple of years ago with the help of my talented father-in-law. We have an electric fireplace on the deck that has speakers – we plug in the iPod and enjoy our music outside.


5 thoughts on “Gardening and lawn work on Day 105

  1. Killer Kleaners

    it looks so cold there, I love gardening and painting, although I don’t have an ipad I have seen others draw and paint on them and it’s something that fascinates me. I will enjoy following your 2012 journey.

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you! It is still a little cool here but it has been a warmer winter and spring than normal…it got up to 16C today. I’ve really been enjoying my iPad and it really is incredible to see the art people are creating on it. Very inspiring!

  2. Suzanne @ Kawartha Mums

    Good luck with the seeding! There are many different tyes of grass seed available, you might check with a local horticultural group for advice on the best seed for your soil type,ad goals. For instance,there is one seed that grows very low grass,but I don’t think your husband would like that,because he wouldn’t get to enjoy his favourite pastime. LOL

    1. bstonehouse

      We spent quite a bit of time in the store checking out all the options. We finally decided on a mix of seed and fertilizer specifically for overseeding. We’ll see how it works. Now we just need some rain!

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