Time to get organized – Day 101

It doesn’t take long to get back into routine. I was up early this morning working on the split rail fence painting before work and made some good progress. The section left to do is the most detailed of the entire painting (which is why I’ve avoided it so far) so it takes quite a bit of concentration to figure out what colour should go where.

It’s spring and I’m getting the urge to clean the clutter out of my house again (it’s good feng shui you know). I decided I would tackle a little job each day and finally get some stuff done. For the past month and a half I’ve been meaning to clean out the cedar chest in the basement….it took me 10 minutes last night. Why did I put it off so long? Tonight’s task was to file all the paperwork in the office….again 10 minutes.

I once heard that when you declutter it’s like ‘cleaning the closets of your mind’. Since my mind is filled with all kinds of jumbled thoughts these days I hope my efforts will pay off. I’m trying to figure out where to go next with my art as a business, there are just so many options. Should I do prints or stick with originals? Should I get a booth at an art show? Of course then I’ll need a booth, inventory, packaging materials, etc. etc. These things have been rolling around in my brain for a while now and I just get overwhelmed with the what if’s. Bottom line – I haven’t made any decisions yet.

So back I go to cleaning the clutter.

5 thoughts on “Time to get organized – Day 101

  1. Katherine

    Very intuitive… decluttering is clearing the closets of the mind. That must be why we feel so great after do it! I love the fence painting below! It’s wonderful!

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you Katharine, there’s still much to be done, but I think the fence is going to be a great painting! Here’s to clearing out the clutter đŸ™‚

  2. emjayzed

    Ohhh I so need a spring clean, it is therapeutic bit I just can’t muster the motivation or energy. I’d really like “maid service”!

    1. bstonehouse

      Oh, so would I! But in the meantime I’m still trying to do a little bit each day. Now that my boys have moved out it’s time to downsize and redo things for the life we have now. It’s a slow process!

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