Back from vacation – Day 99

I’m back! Actually my husband John and I arrived back home at 4:30am on Friday. Saturday we had the family Easter dinner at our place and today we just enjoyed our last day of holidays together.

We went to Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba and it was beautiful. It was the most amazing beach I’d ever seen….we spent most of each day there. We did a lot of walking along the beach, a lot of swimming and of course the requisite drinking and eating at an all inclusive resort. Awesome!

I took my sketch pad and some pencils and did a drawing each day. I didn’t spend much time on them – 20 minutes max and some were just quick 5 minute sketches. I have discovered that I think in paint, not in pencil. The pencil and paper frustrated me, especially because I knew exactly how I would paint it. The water was such an amazing colour I was just itching to put that on canvas. We took a lot of photos so I may end up painting it at some point. Here’s the beach:


Here are my drawings:
There were hibiscus flowers everywhere and they were gorgeous. This one was bright red but you can’t tell that from the drawing, lol.


This is the view of the pool bar from my lounge chair. The weird thing on the right is a big rock like sculpture that was in the middle of the pool. We only sat by the pool a couple of days because it was so hot and there was very little shade available there.


They had a lovely bar in the lobby that served great coffee, according to the coffee drinkers (I drink tea). We went with our friends Christina and Mike and this was Mike’s coffee cup.


Another hibiscus flower (this one was pink)


The view from my lounge chair on the beach. We had to claim our chairs at 6:30am to actually get something in the shade. Good thing I’m a morning person.


My toes 🙂


The bottle of rum they gave us in our room.


This is Christina reading her book on our last day. It’s not a very good likeness (sorry Chris) and it was tricky because she didn’t know she was my model 🙂


As nice as it is to go away it is always good to be home. I’m back to work tomorrow and hopefully it won’t be too painful getting back to the regular routine!

4 thoughts on “Back from vacation – Day 99

  1. soloneili

    Hi Brenda, it’s lovely to see you back blogging again and thank you for showing your sketches. I remember forcing myself to sketch in public in Venice and feeling really embarrassed about it when people looked over my shoulder! It’s a confidence thing I suppose. I haven’t painted for many years and in one of your posts you stated that you would enjoy seeing some paintings of my own. Well here is a link

    Your blog is truly inspirational, please know that, and watching the artist process and your involvement with what you enjoy is a joy itself. I am beginning to feel the call to paint again and perhaps move from watercolours to oils or acrylics. It is only since reading your blog that this feeling has resurfaced so thank you for all your photos and thoughts. I love your work, your sense of composition and use of colour to name but a few things.
    Best wishes, Neil

    1. bstonehouse

      Your work is lovely Neil, I’m so glad you’re considering getting back to it! I often feel embarrassed about my drawing as well which is why I decided to make my resolution to draw or paint every day. Sometimes it’s really difficult for me to post my work on here because I’m not happy with it, but it’s all part of the process, right? I often have to remind myself that it’s about learning and improving and not about creating masterpieces each time! Brenda

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