Happy Birthday to me – Day 84

Today is my 44th birthday! I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather but got better as the day went on. My husband and I spent a great day together and finished it off with a lovely dinner at our favourite restaurant.

The best thing about birthdays is reconnecting with family and friends. My Facebook timeline has been filled today with good wishes and I’ve been able to talk on the phone with both my sons and get caught up with them. It’s great to hear their voices, I do miss them!

Today I spent a bit of time drawing the fall landscape on canvas. It was nice to get lost in the shapes for a while. Although some days I don’t always feel like drawing or painting I’m really glad I’ve challenged myself to do something every day. I’m really amazed at what I’ve been able to accomplish so far and how much I’ve learned and grown.

Here’s looking forward to another great year!


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