Celebrations – Day 80

My birthday is coming up on Saturday (March 24) and it’s celebration time. Some people don’t like to acknowledge their birthday but not me!

We spend a lot of time with work and household and parenting responsibilities that I think we should embrace every opportunity to celebrate. Years ago I decided that one day wasn’t quite enough so I made March “birthday month” and I filled my calendar with lunches and dinners and cocktails with friends and family. This year time seems to have gotten away from me a bit so I’m settling for “birthday week” instead.

Tonight my parents spoiled me with yummy wine and an incredible dinner at their place. We sat out on their deck for an hour or so in the sunshine and enjoyed the 26ºC weather. This heat is incredibly unusual for March in Ontario so we soaked it up. Ahhhhhh.

This year I’m turning 44. I have never understood why people lie about their age….why do we think getting older is such a bad thing? I’ve learned a lot and really earned each year, they’re like a badge of honour in a way. I think people should be proud of their age and truly embrace it…why try to be something you’re not?

As for my painting today, I did a few minor touch ups on the orchids and started painting the edges. I just need to sign it and then it’ll be complete!

6 thoughts on “Celebrations – Day 80

  1. soloneili

    Love your blog and yes, I read every one. I’m even tempted to pick up a paintbrush again as you and your dad too are inspirational I feel. Congrats on the birthday and wonderful posts.
    Best wishes. Neil

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