Colours of Spring on Day 74

I’m really enjoying this small painting of the orchids. I love the colours – purples and greens – as it really feels like spring! I’ve been working on the flowers on the left – deepening the colours and enhancing the contrast. You can see the difference from the flowers on the right that only have the first layer of paint,


The mild temperatures have been great in southern Ontario this week and I’ve take the opportunity to spend time outside with the cat. He’s still really a kitten (under a year old) so I’ve been taking him out with a harness and lead. He’s not too bad with it although he tends to get tangled up every now and then. He’s just itching to go out and explore though so I know I’m going to have to let him out on his own soon. This is tough for me since I lost two cats last fall to a predator in the area. As much as I don’t want to go through that again it’s obvious he enjoys the outdoors and wants to get out and about. And when he’s inside, he’s destroying the house….so far this week he’s shredded the curtains, broken a lamp and been climbing the plants. Sigh.

I’m really enjoy painting in the morning and it is my most productive time. I think I’ll set the alarm even earlier for tomorrow so I can get more done!

6 thoughts on “Colours of Spring on Day 74

  1. emjayzed

    Your painting is coming along beautifully!

    Do u think that oils have more flexibility or capacity than acrylics when it comes to the layering? I have limited painting experience and have only used acrylics – I tend to just “bam into it” and what I see is what I get. I hadn’t considered “building” the work, but I might try it!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cats too, devastating πŸ™

    It’s odd for me to think of predators that chase cats, here it is generally cats who are the predators of native wildlife (sometimes snakes, traffic and despicable humans will harm cats).

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you! I’m not sure whether oils are better than acrylics for layering since I’ve really never worked with acrylics. It might be worth a try…or there’s always Google, lol.

      We have a number of predators around – foxes, coyotes and a fisher (nasty vicious little weasel like animal). There weren’t many cats left in our neighbourhood last fall but this spring I’ve seen a few new ones out and about!

      1. emjayzed

        I think a combination of google and some good fun experimentation is in order!!

        First, I have the unenviable job of tidying my room which is being converted from “study” to “studio” to create a workspace. It’s always the final bits of mess I struggle with but its been over two weeks now so I’m going to just do it – then, no more excuses not to create!

        1. bstonehouse

          Good luck with that! I’m constantly trying to get things tidied up and organized. It does make a difference when you have a great space to create in.

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