A lazy Day 71

It was a beautiful spring-like day today with sunshine and warmth so the cat and I went out for a bit to soak it up. Although there’s still some ice on the ground the bulbs are coming up and the buds are out on the trees. I always love this time of year!

I accomplished my usual Sunday stuff – laundry, cleaning, baking and a trip to the gym – and this afternoon I’ve just been feeling lazy. I spent some time reading and then finally forced myself to do some drawing. I worked on the Trilliums for a bit but I have to admit it was a half-hearted attempt.

Deciding I needed some inspiration I searched around on the web for a bit and found this video. Artist Leonid Afremov does beautifully vibrant paintings using only a palette knife. It’s fascinating to see how he works and how the layers develop. I’ve never tried painting with a palette knife….perhaps it needs to be on my art bucket list!

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