A small painting – Day 68

I decided to do a fun little painting and I finished the first layer on the purple orchids today. It looks a little rough….things will sharpen up with the second layer of paint. I’ve been working on large detailed canvases for a while now so it’s really refreshing to work on something smaller that is done quickly!

I dropped off four paintings at Mark Ridout’s studio today and in a week or so I’ll pick those up and drop off four more. After I have the high res photos I can have giclee prints made or have them printed on canvas….I’m not entirely sure which way to go. Suggestions are welcome!


7 thoughts on “A small painting – Day 68

  1. mye1212

    Are the chairs going to have prints? I’d like to get one if it’s available. The work I do is printed at the printer and I’ve been happy with the results. I like the difference in color from the original to the print.
    Giclee is the way to go if you don’t want any changes in appearance. This is so exciting…

    1. bstonehouse

      The plan is to make prints of the chairs but I’m still not sure whether to do giclee prints or have them done on canvas….or both. Decisions, decisions! There is a local company who specializes in the printing so I’ll have to go and see them to look at all the options!

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