A school presentation! Day 67

Today my Dad and I went to Alexandra Public School in Lindsay, Ontario to speak to Mrs. Stone’s Grade 4 and 5 class about art.

Mrs. Stone’s class had visited our exhibition at The Lindsay Gallery back in November. A few of the students made cards for us, thanking us for the exhibit and telling us what paintings they liked and why. They were really touching and meant a lot to us. We emailed Mrs. Stone and she invited us to come and speak to the children. Today was the day!

The kids wanted to learn how to draw people and animals so we went over some basics on that – where to put the eyes, nose and mouth and the shapes of the face- and also touched on negative space and tones and highlights. My dad brought out a series of self-portraits he drew in university featuring him falling from a ladder, walking on a suspension bridge and hanging by his fingers from a building. The kids loved them!

We also talked about the tools that we use – paint, brushes, canvas, easel, pencils, paper and of course the iPad. I took the iPad around to each student (all 28 of them) and they each added something to this painting of the beach. I think it’s pretty fantastic!