Just a little painting….Day 57

I spent some time working on Tied to a Dream today. I had a friend visit and she commented that it was really powerful to look at. What a compliment! There’s still quite a bit of fiddly work left to do and I decided I was best to leave that for a day when I had a bit more energy. There probably isn’t a big visible difference from the last photo.

Sundays are always a fairly busy day as I get things ready for the week ahead. Laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning….and painting, of course…so now I’m ready to put my feet up and relax.


4 thoughts on “Just a little painting….Day 57

  1. emjayzed

    So this picture you’ve posted is a painting? For real? It looks like a photograph – what amazing talent! Love it! Oh and thanks for following my blog too 🙂

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