Cheers! to Day 50

Even though it was Sunday, I was up early this morning to paint. I spent some time working on the boat and it’s coming along nicely.


I also got the Muskoka chair painting framed today and here it is hanging on our wall:


Other than that, it was a lazy Sunday…and now I’m enjoying a glass of wine and celebrating my 50th day of drawing (or painting). Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Cheers! to Day 50

  1. soloneili

    These are truly wonderful paintings. I’ve been following the ‘yellow chair’ through your stages of photographs (not knowing how the colours were affected by the photgraphy and process of copying to here) and was quite worried that you had toned down its prominence in one photo, but here it is in all its glory (third chair in). The way the distant roof stops the eye from leaving the picture and reinforces the composition is pivotal to how the painting seems to work in a mesmeric way.

    The underplay and fabulous treatment of the shadow detail in the foreground helps the purer colours of the chairs to unfold and to work on the eye in just the right way.

    Stunning, stunning, stunning.

    Best wishes (I wish I could paint like this). Neil

    1. bstonehouse

      Thank you Neil! I was worried about that yellow chair too and there must be 5 layers of paint on it. It was really tough to get a vibrant yellow that wasn’t too “cartoonish”. I’m glad you like it!

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