This painting is moving along – Day 49

This morning I was back to working on the boat painting for Chris & Mike. I got the second layer of paint on a few areas but there’s still a bit to go.

I dragged my husband to Curry’s art supplies today for a bit of a shopping spree….he’s an excellent shopping companion! I stocked up on some paint, brushes, brush cleaner, canvases and bought a new portable easel so I’m not struggling while moving my big one around the house.

I also purchased floating frames for most of the canvases I have on the go. I can make a frame of my own using trim from the hardware store that I paint black but this is a much more efficient way to do it. I was surprised to see the frames came in 24″ x 24″ so I scooped that up quickly! Usually frames don’t come in square sizes so this was a real score. My husband John very patiently carted everything to the checkout for me so we weren’t lugging everything around, and then carried it all to the truck. It was great!

So here’s where this current painting is at: