Painting went well today – Day 47

This morning I spent an hour or so working on the commissioned painting for Christina and Mike. This is the first layer of paint so I’m just trying to get the darks and lights where they should be and I’m trying to get the right colours. It usually takes a while to come up with the colours I’m happy with, so there’s usually a fair bit of experimentation at this stage.

I worked well this morning and every brush stroke was a pleasure. All I wanted to do was stay home and paint today! Unfortunately, I still have a day job that requires me to be there!

This evening when I got home I picked up the brushes again and made really good progress. I’m having some difficulty with the colours in the shadows but it’s coming along. It’s hard to decide what shadows should be brown-based and which should be blue-based.

When I’m working, I’m concentrating on a small section at a time and looking at the individual shapes. I’m always amazed when I step back and see what’s on the canvas! I just love how the columns of the pier just jump out now. It’s going to look awesome after the second layer of paint!


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