Taking care of business – Day 44

I’ve been really enjoying painting and drawing each day but I have been neglecting some paperwork for a while. I worked on the Muskoka chairs early this morning but then I decided that I’d procrastinated long enough and it was time to tackle the nagging tasks.

The Ontario Arts Council very generously gave me a grant for the exhibition my father and I had at The Lindsay Gallery and I had to do up the final report and get it in the mail. It turned out to be quite simple and I put it in the mail this evening. It really feels good to be able to cross that off my to do list!

I’ve also been on a bit of a deadline to get the Stonehouse Art website done. Our hosting package with the current company expires on Feb. 15 so I wanted to have the new site up and running then. I’m pleased to say I’ve got it ready to go…I’m just waiting to map our domain name to the new site. If you’re dying of curiousity you can see it here now. I’ve set it up in WordPress so we can blog when we have a new piece of work and give you some details on it. There’s also a gallery for each of us.

It’s a challenge to create a site that works for both of us…we may have to consider doing our own sites in the future. For now though, we’re in this together!