Changing our website – Day 43

I was back at the Muskoka chairs bright and early this morning. I’m hoping one day this week to be able to say it’s finished! In the meantime I’m cleaning up bits here and there.

My big project today was to work on my website This is a site promoting both my father and I and we’ve had it for a few years.

Last year I changed it to a flash based site and I was really happy with it at the time. But things change, especially with technology. A year ago Flash was the latest thing….now it’s gone by the wayside. Flash isn’t accessible on an iPad nor can images be found by the social media site Pinterest. Obviously we don’t want to limit our audience so it’s time to change!

I’m creating a new site in WordPress so that it’s not flash based. It’s a fair bit of work to go through and set up the galleries and tag everything properly all over again. It’s a good time to go through and take a new inventory though and decide what needs to be there and what doesn’t.

I’ll let you know when the new site is live!