Preparing to put my best foot forward – Day 37

Brenda Stonehouse business card

My new business cards!

I did some more early morning painting today. I love being up early and watching as the day arrives, getting lighter as the sun comes up. I find I can get an hour or two of painting in before I head off to work which starts the day off quite well!

Tomorrow is ARTrepreneur in Peterborough and I’m participating as a panelist. It’s a full day of presentations on the business side of the art world and features some great speakers. The panel I’m a part of will be talking about how to create unique client experiences and develop business through word of mouth. There is also an evening networking event that I’m looking forward to.

I’m working on my intro which I’m finding pretty tough. It’s hard for me to write about myself! It’s also difficult because I’m not sure how the other presenters will be doing theirs. Luckily the panel is up later in the day so I’ll have the chance to meet a number of people and participate in some sessions before I’m on stage.

I recently had full colour business cards printed that feature one of my paintings and I’m really pleased with them. I think having a great business card is important for a professional image. I’m looking forward to giving a whole bunch of them out tomorrow!

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