Painting and Parties – Day 36

I’ve been painting today, working on the Muskoka chairs again. I took advantage of my husband being home and had him take this picture of me in my ‘studio’….aka the living room. It’s a nice bright day here today so the light is great to paint in. I’m working on the chairs as the row goes back and it’s really tough painting straight lines. It’s fiddly work and I’m trying to take it slowly and be patient – this is tough for me!

This afternoon we’re off to Toronto to my niece Alida’s 7th birthday party and Super Bowl extravaganza! I’m looking forward to some fun with my family as we celebrate and watch some football. Not being a fan, I actually had to Google to see who was playing in today’s game (shhhh, don’t tell!) Honestly, isn’t it all about the food anyway?

Have a great Sunday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Painting and Parties – Day 36

  1. mye1212

    Isn’t it all about the commercials? Do you get the crazy $3million 30second ads in Canada? Oh yeah, I used to live in Boston, so I HAVE to route for the Patriots. It’s a rule of some sort, I’m sure of it! Have fun at the party. Will you be making prints of the chairs?

    1. bstonehouse

      It is all about the commercials! The best one I’ve seen so far (before the big game) is for Budweiser. They did one especially for Canada and it’s about hockey, lol.

      I haven’t done prints of my paintings before, I’ve just done originals.

  2. soloneili

    Your painting is truly wonderful, such recession and such powerful design. I could stand before this for a very long time. There are hidden layers to this painting and I see metaphors in the arrangement and emptyness of each chair, the time-line of it all stretching away from me. My apologies for taking ownership of your painting like this, but so much of life is poetic, a great interest of mine. The colours, the distant umbrella, the juxtaposition of the blue, the shadow area behind the sunlit chairs. Wonderful and thanks for sharing your creativity. Best. Neil

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