The right colour, and a visitor – Day 35

The other day I mentioned I was having difficulty with the yellow paint on the Muskoka chairs. My father, who is also an artist, sent me an email with recommendations on which yellow paints are opaque. This morning I sorted through my tubes of paint and found a couple that were on the list and then I got mixing. It took a few tries but I finally came up with the perfect colour! The yellow chair I painted the other day is still wet so I’ll have to wait for it to dry before I go over it with the new shade.

And in completely unrelated news…..
Over the past week there’s been a visitor in our backyard. This big porcupine has taken up residence in our trees and is making a pretty big mess. My husband works out of town during the week so today was the first time he got to see him. We’re currently at odds as to what to do – leave him to eat the trees or make arrangements to have someone relocate him!


3 thoughts on “The right colour, and a visitor – Day 35

  1. mye1212

    Good news about the yellow.
    Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? If she’s indoor, then maybe you can let the porcupine do it’s thing outside for awhile. If kitty is outdoor cat, then I would get the porcupine out of there asap. I put you on my blogroll today.

  2. bstonehouse

    Our cat is an indoor cat (so far) so no worries there. I’m more concerned about the trees – the porcupine is stripping the bark off the branches of the big pines.
    Thanks for adding me!

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