The weekend is here – Day 34

Today was a very interesting day. I did a bit more painting on the Muskoka chairs, but that wasn’t the interesting part.

Today I realized what can happen when you put yourself ‘out there’.

My work twitter account, @_kawarthalakes_ was nominated for a PeterTweeter Award for Community Promotion. The PeterTweeter awards were created by some avid tweeters in Peterborough, Ontario to recognize the best and brightest in the local Twittersphere. It was awesome to be nominated because it was very Peterborough oriented and the City of Kawartha Lakes is out of their geographical area. It’s just a fun competition but it was really great to be recognized. If you’d like to vote you can do that online at

Also today, on my personal Twitter account at @BLStonehouse I was recommended for #FollowFriday by an artist in the UK that I had exchanged tweets with earlier in the week. It was labelled as #FollowArt and I was thrilled to be considered in this category.

My blog has been acquiring more followers and there are more people commenting on my posts. It is absolutely amazing when someone tells me that I’ve inspired them. Me? Really????

I’ve been more active on my Google+ account (Brenda Stonehouse) and I’ve gotten some comments there and made some great connections. I’ve also had a great response to my blog from my friends on Facebook as well.

Speaking of Facebook, I’ve recently joined a group of those interested in Pinterest, another social media network, and I’ve found I’ve had a number of people follow my Pinterest boards and have made connections there as well.

This has all happened because I have made a conscious effort to put myself out there as an artist and to work to make connections with others in my community, my country and around the world.

It truly amazes me how small this world can be.