Day 28 – Inspiration – where do you find it?

Today I did a little bit of drawing. A very little bit. I pencilled in some more on the canvas for the painting of trilliums in the forest.

My husband is home for the weekend and my son is also here for a visit so my motivation wasn’t very high today. When I embarked on 365 Days of Drawing I knew I wasn’t going to create a masterpiece every day….and today was proof of that.

Now that I’m painting or drawing every day I’ve noticed that I’m always looking at things as an artist and I find I’m even painting in my dreams! I have to credit this blog for a lot of that as it makes me accountable. If I miss a day of drawing or painting this year I’m sure the people reading my blog will certainly call me on it.

I was realizing today that overall, this is a truly inspiring age we live in. I’m on Twitter (@BLStonehouse) and I’ve been able to connect with artists around the world through this platform. Not only am I able to see their work but I can share it with my followers and also congratulate them on their work. I’ve met some great people, gotten invaluable advice and seen some amazing art through Twitter.

You Tube is also a great resource for artists. Want to know how to use a piece of software? Just watch a tutorial. Want to see how other artists work day to day? It’s there too.

Artists are no longer working in isolation and counting on galleries to get their work out to the public. Galleries are still important and an exhibition brings attention and prestige, but now artists can share their work online in so many different ways. We have the opportunity to interact and share artwork with so many different people and this is something every artist should explore.

I’ve been making time every day this year to spend on social media and to further my education as an artist. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to learn, and to share, in less than a month!


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