Day 26 – What makes a studio?

Today I had the pleasure of spending some time with my parents who live in Peterborough. My father, Bruce Stonehouse, is also an artist and we had two successful father-daughter exhibitions in 2011. They have a beautiful home and my dad has an amazing studio space with lots of natural light and a wonderful view of nature. I’m so jealous!

This got me thinking about the spaces I work in. What’s important in a ‘studio’? Well, obviously light is extremely important. And really, you need a space that is easy to work in. You need brushes at your fingertips and a good spot for the easel.

I have a studio/office space on the second floor of the house and currently that’s most of my canvasses are, both empty and drawn on. My husband suggested I move one of my two easels to the main floor of the house in front of a big window so I did that at Christmas time. It moves between my living room and dining room depending on the time of day and available light. Since I started painting at 6am today there wasn’t a lot of natural light so I moved the easel to the dining room and put my paints on the table. (I’m still working on the Muskoka chairs but I’ll spare you the photo for today!)

I’ve documented some of my Dream Studio ideas on Pinterest – feel free to take a look. If you’re interested in an invite to Pinterest just let me know and I’ll hook you up!


Here’s my dad in his studio. If you’d like to check out his work visit our joint site at