Day 21 – One step forward….

I spent some more time today working on the Muskoka chairs and I managed to get the first layer done on all the chairs. It got pretty confusing as I reached the back of the line and it took a lot of concentration to get the rest of the row of chairs coloured in.

I was looking at the painting and deciding whether I wanted to tackle the water or the gazebo next and I moved the canvas up on the easel. Unfortunately the canvas caught on the base of the lamp I had attached to the easel which lifted it up and out of the holder. The light fell and the bulb shattered all over the floor. I took this as a sign, packed up the paints and poured a glass of wine.

Now I’m shopping for a new light for my easel. The last one was really a multi-purpose desk lamp that I had modified a little to fit the easel and put a daylight bulb in. I think it’s probably time to invest in a good daylight easel lamp now that I’m spending more time painting. I also made another investment in my art business this week as I ordered full coloured glossy business cards from a local printer. I’m looking forward to getting them!