Day 20 – A bit of this and that

When I woke up this morning I still had a migraine but luckily it cleared this afternoon. When I got home from work I mixed up some new paints and got back to work on the Muskoka chairs. I made some progress but you’ll have to wait a while longer for an updated picture.

Yesterday I was looking for a digital photo and I spent almost 45 minutes and couldn’t find it. I looked in every folder on my computer, looked on 5 separate cd’s and even logged onto my work computer and looked there. No luck. So again I decided it was time to get organized and put things where I could actually find them!

Today I updated my contacts list on my iPad and did some more investigation on which app is going to be best to track my projects. I’ve been using the free version of Office Time but I’m not quite sure it’s the best solution and don’t want to upgrade until I’m sure. Below is a screen shot of Office Time – it tracks the time and expenses for each project. I’m only allowed two projects in the free version which is why I’m debating on the upgrade.

The next step will be to put all my photos in folders on my computer so I can find them easily. I don’t want to have to spend another 45 minutes searching in vain for something I know I have!