Day 13 – All mixed up

I was up early again today to get some more painting done. I’ve always been a morning person and find that’s always when I do my best work. I did a bit more painting on the Muskoka chairs but it really was a little bit. I’m still dealing with the migraine so it was a bit of a struggle.

The nice thing was I still had my paint mixed up from the other day. Since I only paint part-time I have tried a number of ways to keep my oil paints for more than one day. After much experimenting I have finally found a way to keep my paints for a few days without having them dry out.

I mix them up on my palette and then transfer them to a paper palette which I have attached to a plastic ‘tray’ that fits into a plastic airtight container. I picked up the container at Walmart for a couple of dollars and the paper palettes are a few dollars for a pad so it’s an inexpensive solution too.

When I have my paints ready to go I don’t have any excuse not to paint!

I’m off to Niagara Falls this weekend with my husband for Winter Winefest and the Ice Wine Festival. We love that area (we were married there) and it’s great to wander around and see the sights. The falls themselves are spectacular but there’s so much else to see and enjoy.

My blog posts will be wi-fi dependent but if I can’t post while I’m away I’ll be sure to post each day’s drawing when I get back!