Day 10 – Something old, something new

I’m going to start with the new… was a pretty exciting day as I received confirmation on not one, but two commissions! The paintings are completely different – one is a boat tied to a dock with it’s reflection in the rippling water and the other is a portrait. The boat will be fun to do….I actually did a painting from the same photo years ago. The portrait is to be a surprise for someone so I won’t be blogging about that one until it’s done. With these new projects I’m renewing my effort to get organized, to come up with a workplan and to actually track my time. Although I’ve been painting for years I’ve never actually tracked how long it takes me to complete a painting. This could be scary!

And now for the old…..tonight I completed the drawing of the Muskoka chairs on canvas so now it’s ready for paint. I’m looking forward to working with bright colours and bigger brushes! It’ll be a nice contrast to the super detailed landscape with the split rail fence.

Overall a very successful day!