Day 7 – Trying new things with mixed results

I was up early this morning and while I was making my tea I noticed there was a beautiful yellow flower out on our hibiscus plant. Since they only last a day or so I thought I’d take the opportunity to draw it.

I got out the pad and pencils and started to sketch. I was having some trouble with the shading since it was black and white so I decided to add some colour. I used a yellow conte crayon and put in some highlights and added colour to the shadows. Frankly, I hated the result! After an hour of sketching, that one decision essentially ruined the drawing.

Then I thought I’d see what technology could do. I drew the same flower using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad2. It took about 10 minutes and I tried all kinds of different effects before I ended up with the final product. I’m still not completely satisfied with it but I did discover that I absolutely love the ‘undo’ button! You can try a different brush stroke or colour and if doesn’t work you just undo it.

This is where technology has a huge advantage over traditional methods. You can do a sketch is less time and you have the flexibility to make changes at any step of the process. You can also save your drawing and then make a copy and make further changes on the copy while retaining your original.