Day 4…organization and iPad painting

I was up early this morning and decided it was time to tackle the mess in my office/studio. It became the dumping ground over the holidays and was full of gifts waiting to be put away, rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon, tape of all kinds and of course receipts and bills. Ugh.

My mother, a feng shui consultant, always talks about how clearing the clutter makes room for new things to come into your life. (Shameless promotion – visit her website at I find it does feel good when you have your space clutter free and organized but it sure can be a challenge to get there!

As I’m working to move my art career forward, I realize that the business part of things is an important component. I was lucky to receive an Ontario Arts Council grant for the exhibition at The Lindsay Gallery and I have to pull together the info for the final report. I have receipts and invoices that need to be tracked so that I know the financial status of my business and can file my tax return properly. Basically, I need to get my act together and get this stuff organized.

I found homes for the Christmas gifts and wrapping stuff and I made room on the desk so I can sort through the receipts, invoices and reports and make sense of them…..that’s the next step! I’m looking for apps that might help me keep track of these things. If anyone has any recommendations I would appreciate it.

Speaking of apps, I decided to try Inspire Pro for the iPad2 for today’s drawing. It’s actually a painting program and has some neat features. You can change your brush type and size and there’s quite a bit of flexibility with colours and opacity. I did a quick painting (it took me just over an hour) from a photo from the 2011 wall calendar I finally got around to replacing today. Overall I’m pleased with it and I’m looking forward to working with this app a little more. I found it a little clunky at times to paint with my fingers but got easier as I figured out how to use the features (especially the zoom).

Now that I’ve fulfilled my resolution requirement for day 4, it’s time to get back to sorting through my paperwork!