Day 2 of 365 Days of Drawing

I had today off from my day job so it was a great opportunity to put some oil paints to canvas. I’ve been working on this painting for months now and it’s extremely detailed. I’m working on putting down the first layer of paint on the canvas.

My paintings generally have 2 or 3 layers of paint and I always find the first one the hardest. The white canvas with the drawing is daunting and although I can see the colours and contrasts in my mind it’s another thing to get it physically done.

A lot of people think the painting is done after the first layer but the next couple of layers intensify the colours and the contrasts get deeper. It’s really amazing the difference between the first layer of paint and the final painting – those extra layers really make it pop.

My husband took the photo I’m working from….we were on our way to the family cottage in early summer and were driving north of Kirkfield to Dalrymple (in northern Kawartha Lakes). There were fields after fields of these beautiful blue flowers….it’s quite stunning. We stopped at the side of the road and John grabbed the camera and took some amazing shots. As soon as I saw this photo I knew I needed to paint it.

Stay tuned….I’ll keep you updated on my progress on this one!